How These Startups Working Hard to Make kids Happy and Smart

It’s a known fact, Children today are quite adept when it comes to technology and the Internet. It’s common for an eight-year-old to teach his Grandmother how to use the Internet on a smartphone. Sometimes, they even know more than their parents. Entrepreneurs today are well aware of this fact. We’ve witnessed many Startups focused solely on Children. So, On this Children day, we sorted out some of the startups, working hard to bring smiles to their faces.
Whenever you want games for your three-year-old that are fun yet interactive, you call an orange octopus named Flinto. Flinto is a monthly subscription-based box of activities aimed at children to grow better. The startup was launched in 2013. It was Started by Vijaybabu Gandhi and Arunprasad Durairaj. It all started when Vijaybabu wanted something fun yet interactive for his child. The Indian market with no such business lured him to form Flinto. The Startup promises different themes and activities each month.
2.Yellow Giraffe

yellow giraffeYellogirrafe is the for kids! A wide range of toys, puzzles, and games are available on the website. The Yellow giraffe team spends a lot of time in analyzing and choosing the best toys for children. They constantly work with experts to improve the methodologies that they use. ‘Shop by Skill’ is a unique feature offered by Yellowgiraffe!

worldoo is the Facebook for kids! It is an online eco-system that offers intriguing activities for children. Here the child can play games, design stuff, participate in fun activities and indulge in many scintillating activities. Children are provided a virtual home which they have to take care of. They can earn virtual cash, buy stuff and participate in events. An utter delight for the child!

eddyEddy is an Educational startup. It launched India’s first Kids based Tablet PC which targets kids between 2-10 years. ‘Eddy’ is available at an introductory price of Rs. 9999. It is available on and It is the only tablet that maps school syllabus with games. It was designed by experts with a combined experience of 100 Years!


Agastya is a Bangalore based Non-profit organization that intends to transform the lives of unprivileged children in the country. Agastya does this by providing science education at various Government schools in the country. It is one of the 4 organizations to win a Global Impact Award at the Google Impact Challenge.

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Did you give any these a try? Do let us know what you think of the efforts done by these startups. And, did we miss your favorite? Please let us know in the comments.

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