Apple iPhone love! But is 2016 its year?

2016 looks set to be an exciting time for Apple enthusiasts, read on to find out what Apple launches might happen next year:
 Apple predictions for 2016: New Apple Watch rumours 

Apple hasn’t exactly bet the farm on its Watch. It was launched with appropriate fanfare, but the company’s played it slow and sure since then. In store display areas are discreet, and overshadowed by its longer-established lines. Perhaps it realises that a fair few of us are waiting for the first revision.

Expect that to come in 2016 – around April, when the original model will be 12 months old. If anything appears between now and then it’s likely to be another big-brand collaboration, like the one it rolled out with Hermes back in September. Jumping in bed with a sports brand like Nike – with whom Apple has worked before – would be a logical fit, and give Watch Sport more weight in the fitness arena.

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Apple predictions for 2016: iPhone 6c

Rumour has it that a new 4in iPhone will also be arriving this Spring, likely at the same March event.

There is strong demand for an iPhone with a smaller display and lower price so we expect this to be a popular phone – despite the way everyone decided that the iPhone 5c was a flop.

We hear that it won’t feature 3D Touch, or the high spec camera of the 6s and 6s Plus, but it is said to feature a coloured metal case, Touch ID (for Apple Pay), even an A9 processor and 2GB RAM (possibly).

Apple predictions for 2016: iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

We’ve already had an ‘S’ model since the last full update, so expect 2016’s iPhone 7to be a more extensive revamp – we’re expecting a bit of a redesign for Apple’s 4.7in and 5.5in iPhones, as is customary when Apple makes a leap from S to a whole new number.

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Apple predictions for 2016: Apple TV

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Apple’s television product – once famously dubbed a hobby by Steve Jobs – has just undergone its most ambitious revamp in years. For UK users, the big news of 2016 is likely to be the appearance of BBC iPlayer on the platform. The Corporation has already finally extended its existing browser-based service to the Apple box, where it will join Sky, which has been on the service for some time.

Apple predictions for 2016: Mac mini

The Mac mini missed out on being updated in 2015 so we are hoping to see a 2016 update to the machine that is currently using Haswell processors. Hopefully 2016 will see a new Mac mini with Skylake processors (which are apparently scheduled to ship in the first few months of 2016. Perhaps the Mac mini is another Mac update to look out for this Spring.

Sit tight and wait what Apple has for you this year!


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