Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur?

It’s not easy being an entrepreneur, actually, according to a Chinese saying, ‘it’s easy to start a business, but difficult to keep it going’; this is something most entrepreneur has on their mind before they commit to being an entrepreneur.
Your life begins to change and you’ll have more direction, but it’s also difficult to know which is the right one to pursue. You will have more authority and say, but will you have the right assets to act on the actions?There are increased responsibility and more to account for. Your actions will shape the business’ culture and setting an example for those that work with you.

Here are some habits that should be addressed before you step into the world of entrepreneurship:

  1. Plan your days

Setting tasks is important as an entrepreneur, you will need to focus on priorities so you will not have a number of tasks that gets clogged up in your mind and resulting in stress. For each week, make a small summary with little bullet points of what needs to be completed and focused on, then setting small goals to complete.

  1. E-mails, E-mails and E-mails

Most people have a number of e-mails sent to them on a daily basis, from social media to marketing e-mails. It is great to be prompt in responses as it shows that you are focused and available, but it can also go the other way, and show that you are ‘too available’ giving an opposity impression than what you are creating. It can also make you lose concentration if you respond to e-mails as soon as one reaches the inbox. Take the time to plan ahead on tasks and dedicating yourself some time twice a day to respond to e-mails, so distractions are left to a minimum.

  1. Take a break
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Some people are blessed with working without the need for a break, more tasks are completed but it also cause damage to our health. Staying in the same position, our bodies will begin to tighten up and eventually affect our posture, if you use the computer, your shoulders and neck will start to feel the pressure, our eyes will start to dry up from looking at the same area for prolonged periods and very likely, a lack of water in the system. Although the work and tasks are completed, is the quality good? If it is, then well done. But your body is likely suffering. Is it worth risking your health?

  1. Be on time

If you’re an employee whose arriving into the office late, it usually wouldn’t affect the business much, sure it might usually means staying in the office to make up for the lost time however, if you’re an entrepreneur it makes all the difference.
Unless you have very strong time management when you are due to meet prospective clients or having a team meeting, then the occasional lateness wouldn’t affect much. But being punctual, is something many struggle. Some entrepreneur’s think being late when meeting a client, is to show the opposite side who is most powerful, when in fact, it does the opposite. You are likely to be seen as unreliable. Leaving the door 15 minutes early can do wonders.

  1. Procrastination
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Procrastination every once in a while is fine however, when it becomes a habit, the alarm bells are ringing. It will affect your mind a lot more when you are procrastinating on difficult or long-winded projects. It might be ideal to share the load and ask for assistance. Bottling up will cause stress.

  1. No!

It is important to please clients or even employees, but if pleasing is likely to affect you negatively, it might be worthwhile to say ‘no’ to safe yourself from the stress that the task might cause. Not every client is worth taking or agreeing, not every idea is worth the ‘go ahead’. Take the time to evaluate the pros and cons but not forgetting, will it build on any stress?

  1. Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is one of those habits that have a balance of ‘good’ productivity and ‘bad’ productivity.
Multi-tasking can allow tasks to be completed faster but as an entrepreneur, will it allow you to give the task the ‘attention’ it needs? What is more important? Quality or quantity?
There isn’t enough time in a day for everything to be completed but there might not be more time for tasks that needs to be of high standards.


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