The enchantment of being in Surge 2016

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I, Mohammed Atif, felt like sharing the experience of Surge -2016 held in Bengaluru, India because of its grand scale and the mesmerizing feeling of being surrounded by energetic and enthusiastic Startups. Before I share my experience of Surge 2016, I would like to give a brief introduction about Surge.

What is surge?

Surge is an event started by Irish startup founder Paddy Cosgrave, and now spread across the world having leading startups like Flock, Flipkart, One Plus Mobiles, Snapdeal, FoodPanda, etc. coming together and interacting with tender startups. Surge conference also conducts funding events for startups where the best startup idea is funded by various investors. It also provides the stage for investors and startups to meet and talk about their expectations with each other and find the perfect match for each other in terms of funding, investment and idea.


The First Impression

The moment we entered into the hall, presence of so many startups just made my eyes stuck and all I could say was WOW. More than 100 startups standing together and demonstrating their products in the competing environment with full was itself the best impression that anyone can have. All the ideas new, unique and innovative, though in the early stages, had a clear cut vision of what they are supposed to do grow their product and make it popular among others.

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The Atmosphere

The moment you watch several startups standing together and delivering their pitches to everyone who visits their stall with same energy every time at any point of the day and the happiness they get when their idea is praised and appreciated by the visitors makes you realize what exactly the satisfaction is when your love becomes your work. There were startups from various places across the world and all having the same energy even in the diluting weather of Bengaluru. I managed to speak to few of the startups there and tied to understand their idea and the their motivation behind the idea. Most of them could actually impress me with their innovative ideas and the way they are implementing it. Independence, Enthusiasm, Eagerness, Curiosity and Energy could easily be seen in their attitude while presenting their products. While few if them were still confused about their own products, there were few who learnt from their mistakes and tried to improvise themselves every time they came cross the feedback of their own product or their neighboring product. What not you can learn from these startups, the way to handle criticism, learning from the mistakes, acquiring the perspectives from others and many more which simply cant be expressed in words.

Day-1 was more like a sine wave, going up and down but with a smooth flow. Lots of awesomeness to handle at once.

Day-1 @ Surge 2016

Unfortunately, my day-1 at surge was little confusing as I could not come out of the dilemma of whether to attend the speaker or to interact with the startups. Finally I ended up interacting with the startups and knowing their ideas. Few Startups were still nascent while many established startups like Flock, Digital Ocean, YourStory, etc. were also present at the event making it more energetic for the newbies to showcase their talent. Best thing that I could do at that point of time is to take advantage of their management skills and the technical stack used by them to develop the product and startup. It took  me nearly half a day just to explore all the categories of startups ranging from health care to management support. Another half of the day was spent in hearing the startups pitches and understanding the concept and working behind my favorite startups.

Day-1 was experience which is not easy to forget. Lots of lessons in very short span of time.

Stay tuned for the Ultimate and much better experience of Day-2 at Surge.

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