An initiative towards practical education !

Education is an integral part of everyone’s life and today its importance is much more than it is used to be earlier. It provides the learning, exposure and prepares us for the real world but what lacks in the education system of this country is that it lays more emphasis on learning from books rather than imparting knowledge through practical learnings and assignments.

Practical education is the need of the hour as a student studies so many subjects in his or her course of education that it not possible to learn and mug up everything for long period of time. Computers as a subject is the best example to prove that practical education is quite effective as whatever we learnt is still in the minds of students and it is being used by everywhere around the world.

3Dexter is one such start-up based in Delhi which is focusing on the practical education by introducing 3D printing which is a blend of curriculum, custom printers and workshops. The focus is not to prepare them for jobs but also to make this available as a tool for education in other areas of the classroom. It is a start-up in the field of education that has taken a huge step in assisting hands-on technological education to the young students.

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Workshop at Maurya School!
Workshop at Maurya School!

Founders of the company have identified the loophole in the system and has launched a product that can help to overcome the shortcomings. Course structure of 3D printing is compatible with different boards system that school follows. The knowledge is provided to students by their own representatives who goes to school and conduct various kind of workshops to teach them about the whole idea. Till now 3Dexters have served 9 schools, 17 workshops are conducted and has pocket full of 15 projects and around 2100 satisfied students. 3D printing is not new as it has already been used in engineering and mechanical sectors but is definitely new to the education sector. Team is focused on encouraging experiential learning which might seem complex but they have used the Do it yourself (DIY) idea and has formulated a new system to make things simpler.

It is not easy to persuade students and their parents about anything new but when the students experiment and learn new things their own way which gives them a lot of pleasure than what they learn after reading it from books, as said by their team ‘persuading’ job is off from their shoulders and they no longer need to convince anyone for the same. 3Dexters have understood the psychology of student by not treating this as a subject but like a new toy which encourages them to use it. The start-up has given a new outlook on learning and has got a positive response for their amazing ideology. Country needs more entrepreneurs like them who can dream of bringing a change in the world.


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