Qdesq- A portal that provides working space!

The world is seeing a lot of entrepreneurs every day coming with incredible ideas to keep people happy and satisfied. To make people happy the young ones need time and space to work where they can focus all their energy on it and nothing can distract them.

A good working space is what they need to make things work smoothly and there are lot of working spaces that are available these days starting from coffee houses to café’s like social offline which provides them an atmosphere in which they can carry out their work. But operating from such places is not that easy as it seems which leads to the concept of Qdesq which is an online portal that arranges working spaces along with other facilities.

The start-up enables to find work stations, meeting rooms, physical structure as well as virtual offices. They are provided either on daily basis, monthly or even yearly basis. To know their customers well they have system like KYC (know Your Customer), Lead tracking, inspection management and many more to increase efficiency of operations. In a short span of time it has aimed to provide spaces in more than over 200 venues and is planning to have more than 200 monthly bookings and 500 work desk before the year ends. Qdesq is planning to expand in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and also trying to work on its marketing and technological aspects which has led to a round of investment from Jai Drinks Pvt Ltd., Jaipuria Beverage and Food Pvt. Ltd. and  Kajaria Ceramics while already having existing investment partner Redcliffe Capital who are supporting their venture.

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The company was founded in late December but with its quality services is doing the rounds and is becoming popular among customers and their networks. Smooth and efficient system, affordability, flexibility and other factors like technology they use is helping them in getting appreciation from everyone. Qdesq team is definitely going with right strategy of launching their services at the right time and certainly will get success as this is one of the important elements for a start-up to succeed which they have taken into consideration and executed it really well.


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