Women Relaxology

can do almost anything the mind wants to
Can swim the deepest ocean and climb the highest peak
Be a doctor or fly a plane
Can face adversity and still walk tall,
She is strong , beautiful, compassionate and much more words could ever say!
Today is their day and so is every day.
That’s what they realize and are here for.
Women empowerment has become a significant topic of discussion in regards to development and economics.
The pervasive negligence and disregard of women prevalent in this country. India has very few women entrepreneurs and the very few who are trying to lead by example have to face tough moments defeating the stereotypes associated with the idea of an entrepreneur.
No government can alone succeed in this vision given the size and diversity of this country.
Hence, to empower women and to create a difference in the lives of millions of women from different renowned fields IT ,marketing, research, project management etc  in and around, WOMEN RELAXOLOGY offers just the correct platform for the women residing in different areas to come up together and help in organizing the events, workshops, training programmes.
ABout the founder:
Neha Gupta, Born & bought up in city of Ghats VARANASI. Alma mater of University of Delhi, perused her MBA (BE) from Delhi University with 10 years of work experience in FMCG companies gaining expertise in Brand Marketing Strategy & Communication, Consumer Marketing, Market research & Analysis. Avid traveler, foodie, book lover & tarot reader, she has visited a lot of unknown destinations of India and loves pursuing her entrepreneur talent .She has been working with corporate women’s to conduct workshops & sessions for Women Relaxology. When she is not working, she spends time with singing & making exotic food dishes
Start up story
Neha Gupta founded Women Relaxology in January 2016 with an objective of making people excel & explore their solitary growth path.
Having traveled the country and  worked with all different kinds of women who are married/unmarried, they all have work and life challenges with their daily life. Being a divorcee, she understands the myths of women often neglected and hence has come up with this startup for the women to engage themselves in works of their interest and passion apart from their mundane routine from family and career. Thus ,  catering to their interest i.e. Different and unique.
Women Relaxology is an online platform which provides workshops  and  sessions for different interests like Photography, Travel, Books, Food, Spirituality, Health and Entrepreneurship.
At Women Relaxology , they conduct workshops/sessions with women who are working professionals and also have trained themselves in solitary different interest like photography, travel, food, book writing, health, entrepreneurship and many more

 They conduct these workshops with Women Relaxology which boosts the moral of the participants to give that extra mile to their daily routine which in return gives them pleasure and satisfaction to live life in a better way. They encourage participants to develop their skills in these fields also.

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