A Startup with a Cause

What happens when  an entrepreneurial pursuit meets humanitarian concerns?

We get to hope for a better world.

This idea has been the driving force behind one of the budding startups in Kolkata,  who are intent on doing their bit towards the world. Launched in November 2016, www.sachh.org aims at removing social inequality by helping out  people who are faced with tough situations in life. Conceived as an NGO, Sachh extends a helping hand to the voiceless multitudes, each unique in their situations, their struggles and their aspirations.

Sachh wishes to remove the inherent injustice in our society, where the brunt of the brutality and abuse is borne by the defenceless, mostly in enduring silence. However, it does not take a lot of introspection to be able to feel the despair behind the determination and the apprehension behind the optimism. Sachh endeavours to make life better for the children on the streets, the orphans and the children of sex workers , not through individual effort, but through mass participation.

Sachh also extends its helping hand towards animals, who also suffer from the disadvantage of being inarticulate. The team seeks to eliminate animal cruelty and wishes to promote compassionate treatment of animals in our world. They are willing to fight against unethical treatment of animals and also hope to encourage people towards the development of a safe environment for animals.

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The most innovative aspect of Sachh is that it does not ask for monetary support. Instead, they wish to utilize the skills that are absolutely unique to the individual. Their aim is to seek out the painter who had to abandon the brush and easel to make way for Gray’s Anatomy, and the photographer who had to set aside the camera in order to delve into Elementary Mechanics of Solids. Sachh appeals to the creative genius who has the ability to express through art to design their masterpiece, which would be then sold in different venues as well as over the internet.

Sachh exhibits an unique method of charity through personal effort, which does not deprive the artist of their dues. For example,  if the price of manufacture of an article is Rs. 300, the price of the article will be marked at Rs. 1000.out of the selling price, 60 per cent, which, in this case, is RS. 600 is paid to the artist. the remaining 40 per cent go to the children and animals who have been dealt a hard hand in life. The money thus accumulated is spent in securing the education of the impoverished children, taking them out for movies, parks etc. for recreation.

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Sachh also makes provisions for those children who have the capability to create art, and urgently require a platform to showcase their manifold multiform talents. The team also wishes to provide training for such child protege′s,  whose creations would also be available for purchase.

Sachh offers an experience which is enriching and fulfilling, along with providing new avenues for self-exploration. Sachh is doing the rounds and is becoming popular among customers and their networks, as their novel idea and compassionate motives are helping them in getting appreciation from everyone. Full of bright ideas and enthusiasm,  Team Sachh will definitely be making our world a better place.

The website of Sachh may be accessed here: http://www.sachh.org/ .


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