7 Startup Ideas That will Make You Millionaire .Don’t Miss

Starting a small business is generally a tedious task for many new and existing entrepreneurs. With several business challenges to surmount like ensuring your target market will buy your proposed products or services, preparing a business plan for your small business idea, registering your small business, and trying to sell your products or services at the lowest cost possible, many entrepreneurs get frustrated and eventually shut down their businesses within the first three (3) years.

While many reasons can lead to the closure of a small business, the most common trend is the lack of real market demand for the products or services been offered. Selling something nobody wants would definitely put you out of business. The size of the startup capital you’ve invested doesn’t matter. If no one wants what you’re selling, your doors would get shut for good.

The recipe to a successful startup needs many ingredients to be mixed in a unique balance.You need the presentation, potential, revenue model, the team, skills and many others.But the most essential and unavoidable ingredient is the Idea.Your Busines Idea is the only ingredient which can get you the early attention of people.
Innovative business ideas can make it really easy for teams to grow their startups .we have decided to make things easy for the founders and CEOs with our list of such innovative business ideas that can make you a millionaire!

1.Beautification App– an app that helps people look beautiful 

People are becoming serious about their appearance and beauty product companies are fueling this. However, people still don’t know the very basic things about how they can look beautiful. An app that gives simple suggestions to people about looking good will be used commonly. Some innovative features the app can have are the notification about air pollution and UV levels at their current locations.

2.Savings App- An app the tracks you outgoing payments and gives extremely useful tips to save money

We have many apps that give you offers, coupons, and other pullers. But we don’t have any app that can help us save on everything that we spend on. An app that filters payments and gives a user quick tips to save money will be loved by all. The app can focus on integrating with other apps to make it the best. And humanity is not dead, people can share a few bucks with you when you help them save money. A revenue model that charges merchants will also be a profitable thought.

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3.EatFit-An app that tracks your activities and suggests you food

An interactive mobile app that tracks user’s routine and activities and suggests diets and gives health tips can be popular very quickly.While primary features can be free, money can be made by ads, premium version and selling other related products.

4.Teach me Tech – An app that helps people use technology to the best

Although technology makes life easy for us, adapting to new technology is not easy for everyone. Most end users are those non-tech savvy people who are the real potential consumers. Devices and Softwares come with some arrangement to train users for the technology, but there is no universal technology teacher.

An interactive technology teacher that makes users possible to log-in on multiple platforms and tracks the technology usage pattern to come up with quick tips can prove to be extremely useful. While the basic version can be free, money can be made by ads, premium version and selling other relevant products.

5.Protective app an app that connects you with people who can help each other in critical time

Safety is a big concern for people as we travel to places. We have apps to protect our gadget but don’t have any app that can protect us in critical time and emergencies. An app that can track the movements of a user and offer safety features can be really useful and a must have one. The revenue model, how many people you know who would mind paying for their own safety?

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6.Healthy Tips– an app that gives you everyday tips for good health and long life

We are talking about technology and innovations but we are yet to find a technology that can prevent people from dying. People still die, many times for reasons that can be avoided. An interactive app that helps people with easy tips for a good health will be a must have.

A few features the app can have are alerts about air and water quality at the place they are traveling. Areas where fatal accidents occur can also be reported to users if they are around. One should not ask questions about the revenue scope when we are talking about long life.

7.Happenings Around me – a geo-location based app that notifies users about happenings around their current place.

There are plenty of news apps but no app that keeps you updated with things happening around your current location. One must know about the happenings in the current location. If one is traveling to a new city or feeling alone, this app will be a utility.Revenue  model will be ads and merchant commission

Bonus :

Career Guide – An app that helps parents shape up career of their children 

Too many professions and opportunities have erupted these days and it is really critical to define the right career for kids. The struggle in giving right education and shaping up the career of kids also make difficult for parents to work on other areas of development of their children.An app that helps parents and kids shape up their career and support growth in other areas.Revenue model can be both ways, paid services, and merchant commissions.

What do you think about our list? .Do let us know in the comment section below.



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