How This Marketing Engineer Followed His Heart To An Entrepreneurial Journey

Incepted in July 2016, Savhn Tech Solutions was driven by the passion of its co-founders Naveen G S, Veena, Atmika and Santosh Aradhya. Naveen G S, the proprietor of Savhn, with prior experience of working as a marketing engineer with a Bangalore-based renowned startup.He ended up scribbling many ideas before he began to work on his own Idea of starting his own company.He used his prior experience of marketing to shoot up his startup Idea and quickly it started grabbing everyone’s attention with its on time work.Here’s the story of Savhn Tech Solutions

Savhn Team

 About the Startup Savhn Tech Solutions
We are currently dealing with Recruitment, Digital Marketing, Branding & Consulting, Web Designing and Development, and Corporate Training.

Santosh Aradhya- Co-Founder and Chief of Accounts ,Savhn

We have been serving clients in almost every industry including Corporate, Education, Information Technology, Facility Management, Logistics, Real Estate, and Engineering.
The one-line story behind the venture is to make things simple. It all started when we stood on the other end expecting a simplified and an easy brand development to rise. Now, we have Savhn.


What is so unique about your startup

Savhn CEO Veena

In Market, there are multiple companies who provides the same service but who succeed who wins their customer’s, heart.Savhn is a one stop Consulting company rendering integrated services in IT Development, Social media, Search Engine marketing & Design Services, Recruitment We provide full-service branding to the organization looking to attract eyeballs through the offline and online medium. We have delivered our services to top notch companies through innovative and creative strategies. We have mastered the art of Building brand reputation and amplify brand communication to the right audiences.

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Application development

How did you come up with the idea of creating your brand


Savhn Founder Naveen says “As a child, I somehow knew deep down in my heart that one day I am going to have my own business. I don’t how I knew it but I just knew it.” My startup experience taught me a lot of things, but I had to recalibrate my expectations to do this. I had to start from zero. I knew that if I didn’t have the humility to accept this, it wasn’t going to work. While I had startup experience, I couldn’t dial back to it too often.
With the use of social media, we started exploring the ways to improve our branding.




To Build something big, start believing yourself.Somehow somewhere your heart knows what you want to achieve in life, so just follow your heart and keep moving with the same passion and eagerness to learn and build something awesome.

When did It start and how big is it now

Savhn’s Business Development head-Atmika

Our company started off in July 2016, and right now we are top most company dealing with digital marketing, and recruitment for startup companies, right now we are expanding our horizon to Multinational Companies. We are looking to setup additional office in Tier 2 cities and establishing Bangalore office as HQ.
We have a pipeline to increase our human resource count triple by the end of this year.

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What are your future plans

We would like to see us as one stop service consulting company for direct consumers and marketing clients.
We are also looking forward to consolidating and expanding our market share in the regions we are already operating in. After that, we would try and look into bringing a unique service that would redefine how businesses handle commercial communications in digital times,”

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