The Small way to do Big Things: This Startup Changes The way you Gift

Aren’t we all bored of the typical gifts that we receive or give every year. How about gifting something that is unusual. Here’s a story of Yasin and Aman – the intelligent marketing heads that thought beyond and unique with their startup – Bigsmall. Check out their story.

Incepted in May 2015, bigsmall was driven by the passion of Yatin and Aman. Yatin, the proprietor of bigsmall, is a marketing grad from Esade Business School with prior experience of working with companies such as Reebok India, O&M (BMW brand) and 91springboard. He has also been involved with the activities of major eCommerce players like dealsandyou and Degustabox, a Spanish eCommerce venture in Barcelona. Aman, the digital marketing head at bigsmall, is a computer science engineer with prior experience of working with 3 different startups, Leh Leh Sports, Festivalas, and 91mobiles.

Big Small Founders
Founders, Aman (left) and Yatin (right)

Their mom would use her hand as a comforting headrest to sleep. As a result, she would always end up with strange impressions in all sorts of weird shapes on her face. A cloth didn’t do anything much to rid of her curse and so the brothers decided to act upon it. This might not seem like much of a problem, but pursuing a gadget to rid their mother of this curse introduced them to a rather unusual hand-glove pillow. Just slide the pillow/hand-glove up the hand and go to sleep on it. That’s all you need to do for a quick, comfortable afternoon nap. Their mother forgot her need for a pillow and proceeded to admire this astonishing piece of human creation. Meanwhile, Yatin wondered of all sorts of possibilities of turning this into a business, all because of a smile on her face.

Then they came up with a list of everyday problems that seem to not garner much of our attention in while we are busy with our lives. We are notorious for finding temporary solutions for these problems. Don’t tolerate this anymore. After a rigorous search of the market, they brought out a catalog of some ingenious, yet quirky solutions to these problems. And that brought about the creation of

Big Small
Foot Hammock

Bigsmall took its first steps in the online shopping space in the April of 2015 as an e-commerce website with around 50 products on board, And now it has risen into the most sought after online gift store for unusual and unique items. There are now more than 250 one-of-a–kind unique gifts to pick from depending on the occasion and personality of the receiver. When the website showed 5000 as the number of orders placed within the first 12 months of its inception, the Hans brothers were on a roll. Since then, every single calendar month is observing over three thousand orders and the good news is that it’s soaring. With their wonderful team of 9, the business keeps increasing at 300% each quarter and recently clocked 1 Cr turnover in the FY of 2016-17.

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Behind the scenes

What makes stand out from the rest?

 The products of course. Folks out there are hungry for unique gifts for their beloved. But end up gifting the usual flowers, chocolates, and clothes. And often stay within the limits with greeting cards. There are gifts so different that they invoke a sweet surprise on one’s faces, as well as the hearts of the one who receives them. But they are hard to get their hands on. People seek such gifts but they don’t know how to. The duo is always on the lookout not for what people want, but what they need. They are always up for quirky yet simple and cost effective answers to problems, these solutions also need to win the customer’s heart in order for them to find a place on the Bigsmall shelf. They have an eye on the in-thing in the market as well. Demands and customer responses are valued immensely. In a nutshell, the curation is constantly changing, the presents are one-of-a-kind and the solutions are real.

Wearable Nail Polish Holder
Scratch World Map
Make in India Gear Table Clock

“We focus on the whole online shopping experience because we believe that both buying and receiving a gift should be a happy experience,” Aman, the Co-Founder of was quoted saying. “We have carefully categorized our inventory keeping in mind the needs of the customer so they get exactly what they need on an easy to navigate platform – all just a few clicks away. For the same reason, we prefer to keep our products numbered close to 250-300 so our customers can avoid the confusion from the availability of too many options. We keep getting new designs as we retire the old ones. Gives our website a whiff of fresh air too.”

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Secondly, the warm, homely touch of their website draws more people and retains their attention while they shop. Finding a gift for a loved or even for oneself is an experience, which might also turn out to be extremely confusing sometimes. has a dedicated team specifically for calling and welcoming questions from every customer regarding the products, video demonstration for the customers to easily understand the product that they want to purchase. Friendly conversations and looking for a solution to any problem they might be facing will always add the human touch to the experience.

The core team doesn’t stop here in creating a difference. “The packaging is very important to us because the experience begins as soon as the package arrives at your doorstep,” remarked Yatin. “Our aim is to deliver unique gifts wrapped together with simple, safe yet beautiful packaging. We have received tremendous feedback on our packaging and we intend to keep on improving on it.”

Working from their office in Chhatarpur, there are plenty of challenges to be overcome. Logistics and effective management of the inventory are challenges that continue to puzzle the brothers but that hasn’t stopped

them from pushing the boundaries to achieve more. With around 70k active followers on social media, the brothers have plans of making their website go global by the middle of this year, thereby marking themselves as the biggest unique gift shop there is with their eyes firmly set on online as well as corporate sales. Along with this, they believe occasions such as Mother’s Day gifts, Rakhi Gifts and Friendship Day Gifts will bring a surge in traffic and sales. While they’ve plans to launch an app as well, the two are focusing on building their team and hiring the right people for now.


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