Awesome apps and hacks to improve office productivity

The last thing you want when you have a project deadline in a couple of days is the distraction. But alas they are everywhere. Your phone that keeps lighting up with Twitter notifications; colleagues that won’t stop talking in a loud voice; and of course the inner fear that only so many hours are on hand to deliver the work. Worry not, I know a way out.

Here are practical office productivity apps and hacks that I use all the time to get great work benefits:

Apps to get organized at office

It’s easy to get lost when you have multiple tasks in the queue. That’s why it is important to stay organized at work. A lot of my team members use Evernote and Google Keep to prioritize tasks. Both have great sharing capabilities for teams and device mobility. In case you want something really simple for personal use, then, go for Sticky Notes. Every Windows machine has it and they are really easy to work with.

Apps to cut out the noise

Sometimes, even the easiest of tasks can take an hour if your surroundings are full of noise and you can’t do much to curb it. For such occasions, an app that plays soothing music without lyrics to distract you can be a great help. Apple Store and Google Play are full of apps that kill out the noise and help you focus. Doze and Calm are some popular choices at our workplace. Want more than just soothing music? Explore Soundcloud for movie soundtracks, instrumentals, and more!

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Apps for quick dose of entertainment

It just isn’t possible to work every minute you are at the office. We all get bored and it doesn’t hurt to take a 10-minute break to replenish your energies. For more than once, I have seen my team members sharing a laugh over posts published on Boreadpanda. Since my team won’t share internet places where they hang out to cool off, I reached out to my friend who runs a startup consultation agency. Here’s what he said:

“It has to be Imgur. It is full of cat videos, gifs, and other sources of light humor. Can be kind of addictive. So, watch out for that”

Productivity hacks to get the job done

Don’t pick your phone in the first 2 hours of your office. Just don’t. Get straight down to work. Create a list of tasks you have in queue for the day and pick the easiest one to kick off. After that, pick the most laborious one. Shuffle the work like that and I assure you it will be easier to get work done.

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Also, keep yourself on a short leash. Give yourself only so much time for mundane tasks like checking emails. Most importantly, stay hydrated throughout the day especially if it is summer; it will keep you energized and fight drowsiness.

Distractions are everywhere but we choose whether to give into them or find ways to get the work done.

Got any productivity hacks that you think I need to know about? Share them in the comments section for me and everyone else reading this!

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