Failed In Class Eight…Earns Millions Now; Trishneet Arora…Boy Hacker!!

This is the time of the year I call “Result Season”. Last Sunday dropped the CBSE Result Bomb on our heads. With so many confused college aspirants asking me for advice, I noticed one thing in common in all of them….too much focus on getting good marks.

I don’t know how many kids I told in the last one week; “These marks really don’t mean anything in the future“. Its funny how our generation lets its future be dictated by a two digit number or a grade!!!

This thought prompted me to write about a person, who despite failing in Eight Standard, now runs a  million dollar company. A company with the likes of CBI, Relieance, Amul…and a few other Fortune 500 companies. This is the story of Trishneet Arora,  the man behind TAC Security, a cyber security agency.

Trishneet Arora
Trishneet Arora…The Millionare Hacker

Dare To Dream…

People associate professional success with a solid academic background. Academics do help, for sure…. but its not the end of the world without a rocking “Over 90 Percent” marks in your exam. Just ask Trishneet, who only followed one calling…that of his heart. Deep within he knew that hacking is his life. Computers and codes were the language he understood. Forceful reading of Shakespeare were pointless.

I was so immersed in Computers and Hacking…that I could not study for two subjects. I didn’t appear for them, and failed Eight Standard.

He says recalling  the memories of his school days. ” I became a laughing stock amongst my class mates”, he said.

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Determined to make it on his own, Trishneet focussed on only one field. The only field which titillated his mind….Hacking. Dropping from school, and taking classes through correspondence, he gave all his mind and soul to his love for hacking.

Focus On Skill, It Goes A Long Way…

His parents and friends didn’t support his move, as they didn’t approve of the huge risk he was taking. But with time, and patience, Trishneet mastered his craft. And soon he realized, that data of big companies isn’t safe. Their data was being stolen and misused. He uncovered a whole new world of Cyber Corporate Espionage. And that was his entry point. This is where he can use his hacking skills to provide security solutions to these companies.

Trishneet arora Cyber Security
Trishneet proved that data all over the world was being stolen by cyber criminals

He used his skills to prove that data was susceptible to hacking. That got a lot of big companies to take his work seriously..and BOOM….Trishneet started getting clients.

Trishneet Arora, Hacker And Startup Success…

By the age of 22 he had done it all….started his own cyber security company, TAC Security, added numerous Fortune 500 companies in his client list and even authored a book named “Hacking Talk With Trishneet Arora; The Hacking Era And Hacking With Smart Phone”.

Again, an entrepreneurial mind got a skilled young man on the path of success. Trishneet literally had the whole world against him…friends…family…teachers. It’s difficult to believe in yourself when no one does. And that too you choose an unconventional career.

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A Trishneet In Everyone!

Gone are the days of a child having only a few career choices. Today, many intrepid young men and women dare to defy the rules of the world….dare to go forth in uncharted territories.

There is a Trishneet in everyone these days…

Trishneet could be your son, or daughter,or a friend…who has a talent and skill…but lacks the belief and self confidence to make living out of it. It is your solemn duty as a well wisher of that person, to make sure he realizes the full potential of his dreams.

Cyber security hacker
Hacking; an unconventional career

being the product of an engineering college, I know how difficult it is to study something you never truly liked…and that’s the condition with a lot of kids out there. Less marks and percentages do pose a problem…I agree, but all it means is that the child has no love for the subjects he/she is taught. We need to progress towards a society which focuses on skill and talent of a child. A society which doesn’t say ” What good would this talent do for you?? You should focus on studies…” .

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