India Overtakes Chinese Population?

When you think of China, what exactly comes to your mind. Its Oriental food…The Great Wall…. Huge skyscrapers…. and lastly its huge ever growing population. As long as I remember, population was one of the many categories where China took a lead. India has always been a close second to its neighbor in the population department.


But very recently, Claims that India may already have overtaken China as the world’s most populous nation have sparked consternation among demographers. the claims were made by Yi Fuxian, a University of Wisconsin-Madison academic. Yi spent years campaigning against China’s convoluted family planning laws. As per thee claims Chinese officials over estimated the births between 1990 and 2016. This causes an error of 90 million in population count. This means that China’s population was 1.29 billion instead of recorded 1.38 billion. Whereas India currently has a recorded population of 1.32 billion. the difference is pretty obvious, isnt it?

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The famous ” One family One child rule” that China implemented to control its population was dumped in 2015. This was because of the increase in the aging population in China. With a lack of youth, Chinese economy is a ticking time bomb. And adding to that these claims is certainly going incite a furor from the chinese public in the coming weeks.


But the views of Yi Fuxian are bein countered by Wang Feng, a leading demographer from the University of California, Irvine. He described Yi’s claims as sloppy.

“He’s a person with a political agenda and [who has been] a consistent critic of the Chinese government’s policy … [so] his numbers should not be taken at face value.”

as reported by The Guardian.

He even went on to add that he trust the government’s number more that the calculation of an academician who has a political agenda.

Indian demographers also scoffed the news as sensational and untrue.

“China is still the most populated, but India will overtake them by 2025,” said Laushram Ladu Singh, a population researcher at Mumbai’s International Institute for Population Sciences.

As reported by the Guardian.

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As per Yi, the root cause of this “Calculation Error” is the error in estimating the fertility rate. It was estimated at 1.6 children per woman in 2015, whereas from his end it was somewhere as low as 1.05 children per woman. The difference is egregious. He accounts the archaic “One Child” policy as the reason that the working population fell for the first time in 2012. His prime concern is the fact that in the coming years, the population of working youth, the drivers of any economy, is going to lower than required. This surely will cause trouble for the nation by the next half a decade.