300 Bricks In A Minute; Proof That Innovation Solves All Problems!!

What are the traits of a successful entrepreneur… they are innovative, result driven individuals… with focus on one thing and that is … problem solving.  

How It Began…

Satish, a brick kiln owner from Sonepat, Haryana, had a problem. The labour force working for him were slackers. A lot of them didn’t show up, even after getting paid in advanced. This rising absenteeism forced Satish to think an innovative solution to solve his “Labour Problem”. And so began his journey to come up with an innovation which earned him national fame.


So he thought of a simple solution to the problem… get a machine which produces bricks quickly and efficiently!

Innovation Is All It Takes…

He isn’t an IIT engineer, but a Tenth standard pass businessman. Not someone whose life choices are dictated by corporate bondage…but a free thinking entrepreneur who saw a huge problem…and rather than surrender to it or adjust with it…decided to stand his ground and solve it.  He did it by inventing a machine that is as productive as 120 labourers. Satish hailing from Ladrawan village has made a huge contribution to the construction industry.

innovation soution to brick making
The BMM…making numerous bricks in a jiffy!!

This happened back in 2007, when he started getting sick of his lackluster labour force. So along with an engineer friend of his named Pravesh, Satish started working on developing a Mobile Brick Making Machine, BMM as Satish calls it.

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Brick Making Machine Solves All Problems…

Satish shares “BMM, the machine can make 150 bricks in a minute and around 40,000 bricks in one day”. Another model of BMM can even manufacture 300 bricks in just 60 seconds and 85,000 bricks in a day.

“With the help of this machine, we have been able to overcome the problem of shortage of manpower in the area,”

With its parts developed in Germany and Italy, Satish has 25 of such machines manufactured.

Imagine…25 machines!!! How much it improves the productivity of the entire construction industry. With labour being a major issuew…BMM is garnering a lot of attention these days from all over the world. Its stories spread across India …to even Nepal…that how efficient and time saving the BMM machine is.

One idea changes changes the whole game!

Leading on, Satish’s Bright Future…

Other than that, it is even successful as an innovation,  as it  it stood 19th among 30 innovations that bagged the DST-Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Programme awards for 2016.

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Imagine…such fame and popularity from a product which was simply a solution to a work problem for Satish. It is really mind boggling how hard work and an entrepreneurial mix together to produce a perfect synergy.

Satish is one of the many people who took a leap of faith…who, rather than compromise with their work, found a solution to make it better, who developed concepts to solve problems and add value….. and hence, are now reaping the benefits of their hard work!!

The world was against them…as in Satish’s own words…

“People even started calling us mad as we were so involved in manufacturing the machine. But after seeing the result, the same people have started appreciating our work.”

Today even the government is appreciating the BMM, and the Chief Minister of Haryana has even come up with a proposal for expanding Satish’s venture. All this proves…that all it takes is a problem solving approach to make money and fame out of anything. Problems are nothing, if not opportunities in disguise.