Breath of Ease For Creative Professionals…Pxlijobs Solves Job Hunting!!

Creative people sure have it tough. Changing times have improved the acceptability of an artistic career….it is still difficult for freelancers to get hired, or for recruiters to find the required talent on time.

Ajith Kanan realized this problem when he had to give up his dream of being an artist but couldn’t find the right opportunity. A postgraduate in art and multimedia, Ajith like most of the creative professionals back in his days, had to deviate his career towards the corporate world. With safe and feasible jobs…Ajith took up web designing and animation in an IT company.


Time passed and Ajith grew in both skills and experience. Today, he has 18 years of experience working with many companies. But his dream of becoming an artist never phased away. It was still in there.

But now, with exposure to Corporate India, he knew how he can realize his creative dream.

Creative professionals Cant Find Projects…

During his corporate job, Ajith realized that there was a problem. Creative people weren’t able to find jobs and the recruiters couldn’t seem to find those talented people. There was a lack of awareness between the two parties.

Usually it happened that the recruiters weren’t able to find the right set of people for the job..and ended up normal graphic designers since they weren’t able to find the right person for the job

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Result…mediocre work and a dissatisfied recruiters.

Ajith wanted to solve this problem. He came up with the idea for Pxljobs in 2015, and launched the startup in January 2016.

Innovation At Its Best

Having lost his creative dream due to lack of opportunities…Ajhit wanted to create an app which would directly connect recruiters and artistic freelancers in any region of the nation. He wanted to create endless opportunities for such creative youngsters so that they can earn while following their  artistic endeavors.

The platform, Pxljobs, allows candidates to display their work samples , while recruiters from companies can find the right candidates based on their specific requirements.

Its Geographic Information Systems (GIS)  helps to engage creative freelances and find projects around them.The projects are posted online by the recruiters.

Ajhit simply made the supply meet the demand over a digital platform.

And along with connecting the two parties…the company also verifies all the details provided by the candidate, regarding education and prior experience. Also, it keeps on adding whatever credentials the candidate earns, when he/she gets a job through Pxljobs.

Everyone Loves Pxljobs …

There were challenges involved in envisioning the app. Ajhit worked on the project with his wife.They started off the venture with an investment of 1 Crore. Had Ajhit not worked in the corporate environment for so long, he could never had successfully created the app. His experience really helped him.

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Ajhit and his Wife Seena

After Ajhit and his team had finished the app..they launched it. Freelancers and Recruiter both soon realized the value the app added to the whole job search process. The app speed up the whole recruitment process. Since Pixljobs verified and screened every candidate themselves…the recruiter didn’t have to waste their time doing that.

Ease of usage and a huge catalog of jobs to choose from( The startup has more than 150 creative job categories.),  made Pxljobs popular in a short while. And the end results were astounding!!

With over 30,000 registered candidates and 4500 recruiters using the app, the venture is a success.The Bangalore based company, has a lot of plans to grow and expand in the coming few years. With its team of 16, Pxljobs proved that innovative thinking can solve any problem. And entrepreneurial mindset got Ajhit to realize a problem which always existed…but no one ever tried to solve.