Byju’s App; Ed-Tech Startup Leading India’s Education Revolution!

Face it, you never loved school. Remember your childhood days. Going to school, mugging up your lessons…. it was such a mind numbingly boring tasks. Back then I always wondered how awesome it would be if we could just makes studies less boring, more fun and interactive.  This was a decade and a half ago. Today, fortunately we have ed-tech startups like Byju’s, which are revolutionizing we teach our kids.

What Is Byju’s…

Last one month, the startup named Byju’s has become somewhat ubiquitous to the Indian audience. The green and purple logo of the company can be seen everywhere, the educational adverts and one of India’s most successful marketing campaigns, Byju’s seems to seem to be on a one way road to startup success.

The company  has raised over 1200 crore Rupees from its investors, which include the likes of Chan Zuckerberg Foundation (Yeah….Facebook’s philanthropy platform is behing Byju’s), Sequoia, Sofina, Lightspeed India Partners, and Times Internet. Its rather surprising how a company can have so much potential that its investors are so bullish.

Byju's investors
Mark Zuckerberg’s foundation is one of the investors!

Growing And Teaching…

Though Byju’s is today a huge brand, it has rather humble beginnings.  Byju Raveendran, the founder, used to teach graduates aspiring for cracking CAT ( Common Aptitude Test) Exam. From teaching 2000 students in an auditorium back in 2008, today he reaches over s lakh paid users of his company’s mobile app, the company’s growth is nothing short of unprecedented.

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CEO Byju Raveendran

In just about six to seven years, Bengaluru-based Byju’s has managed to garner more students than any other offline coaching class. With the tech savvy country getting more comfortable with studying online, the model helped Byju’s in increasing its customer base.

Why Do People Like It Though?…

But what makes Byju’s click. how has this startup managed to defy all odds and achieved success.

First, Byju’s is actually filling a gap in the Indian Education system. Being a vocal supporter of practical learning and unconventional teaching methodology, I believe that the core product actually added some value.True entrepreneurship starts from home base and fills a gap. It adds value and has a purpose. The customers seem to identify this in Byju’s case.

The education App

Secondly, the timing of the company was right. Indian students are tech savvy enough and very comfortable studying online. With students of all age groups learning from Byju’s the customer base seems to love the way the teachings are delivered. Other than that, the Indian youth today is well versed enough to appreciate the importace of practical learning. With the focus on concept building and concept visualization, Byju’s core concept seems to attract the kids.

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And lastly, how can we forget the advertisements, teaching how to calculate the area of a triangle form that of a circle. The company’s concept was forced down the heads of everyone watching. And again, the timing were perfect, as the company chose to run its ads during the Champions Trophy, something which had a majority of the nation glue to their TV sets.

Revolutionizing education

But in the end of the day, Byju’s is more that just a learning app. Its something which can help your child learn from a very early age. What the education system lacks in India, Byju’s is solving that very efficiently. making kids think and question everything, engendering curiosity and a thirst for knowledge…