Chennai; The Business Utopia!

Ah Chennai….

The city formerly known as Madras attracts tourists from all over the world. One of India’s safest city, it has a high quality of life. Enjoying one of India’s highest literacy rate, Chennai seems like a utopia. With it’s beautiful beaches and nice weather….its a great place to live.

But what I love about the city, is how conducive it is to new businesses. Below are a few things which makes chennai, the next stop for wannabe entrepreneurs;

Chennai Has A Huge Talent Pool…

We live in an era of Facebooks and Googles. Tech-literacy always gives a business an edge. And Chennai is actually the highest one can go when looking for a well educated tech savvy work force. Chennai has become the hub for IT sector because there is a plenty of talented IT professionals.

With an ever growing engineering work force, Chennai surely has the young population which can help your business succeed.

High Literacy Rate…

Chennai has a high literacy of 81.3%, which is way higher than the national literacy rate of 74.04%. This means it is very easy to find highly talented, highly motivated professionals.

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With a lot of premier institutes spread all over the state of Tamil Nadu, so many well educated 20 somethings come to Chennai for job hunts. So obviously, hiring a talented work force is easier in Chennai. And what company wouldn’t want that.

The City Is Very Generous To The Working Class…

Lets round up….nice weather, great urban lifestyle, lower cost of living than other metro cities ( Chennai boasts a 20% lower cost of living as compared to Delhi NCR, Bangalore and Pune.) Sure, this causes an approximately lower salary, but here the costs are less too. Which leaves a working class with ample money to enjoy!

All Time Electricity…

As a child I always wondered, while watching Hollywood movies…how lucky these american people are to get power 24 X 7. Well, Chennai is just that. There are almost no complaints of power cuts. It has the power supply of 99.7% for commercial as well as residential customers.

every business, big or small, performs better when power outage isn’t an issue.

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Support From Big Players…

Industrial growth is supported in the city by governmental and private institutes. There are a lot of initiatives under which a startup can prosper. Added to this, it is also easy to start a new business in the city. The licensing and other formalities are pretty easy and consume less time, as compared to other cities.

And Finally, The City Has An SEZ…

One of the biggest reason businesses are attracted to the city, is because of its SEZ (Special Economic Zone). SEZs have different trade laws than the rest of the country. You can learn more about advantages of SEZ from this article.

It makes the city very attractive to businesses. A land of opportunities for the entrepreneurs, the land has immense potential in the coming years.