Get Creative Get Hired; Four Ways To Improve Your Creativity!

We have this habit of picturing a person dancing ,singing or painting…when we think of a “Creative Job”.

If you expand your thinking a bit…you will see that there are a lot of people with “Creative jobs” these days. From a business developer…to a Con Artist, there is no shortage of jobs forcing you to apply your mind, and think creatively.

Gone are the days when creativity used to be in dearth, and coming up with unconventional solution used to be considered a waste of time.

These days most of the biggest and most pressing issues are solved by creative solutions. And who solve these problems… Entrepreneurs, Big Businesses and Though Leaders…

An entrepreneur is basically an artist in a suit.

Creative Thinking In Demand…

Creative thinking is a much sought after trait these days. Every company is willing to pay for individuals who have creative juices in there minds…who can not only think outside the box…but also flourish there.

Have you ever heard of the type of questions they ask you in a Google interview…nerve wracking questions which have little to do with your computing skills…and are more focused on your presence of mind, your creativity and problem solving!!

Google, Amazon, Microsoft…these are just some of the few companies that look for a creative mindset in an employee. So, its very important to cultivate creativity, to succeed in the 21st century.

The problem however is that most of the people lack creativity…or believe that they can’t think creatively. Maybe its because their mind still associate creativity with art. But believe me, its not that difficult. Creative thinking gets easier with practice.

“How to you practice thinking?”, you ask… Well its pretty simple, if you follow these simple rules.

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Put Up Limits…

Rule number one; Apply Constraints…

When there are a lot of obstructions in the job…you start to find creative solution. The constrains can be anything…time, money, labour force. Most people believe that creativity comes from a free mind…but I believe it is exactly the opposite.

So many constraints force your brain to think…

When you see obstacles in the thinking process…you try to innovate and come up with simpler solution. And if you don’t believe me… just think of the now internationally Hindi word “Jugaad”, which in Hindi means simple hack. A simple out of the box solution, which makes life simple. And Indian’s are globally famous for “Jugaad”.

Always try to shrink the box. If you have a budget of 10,000, then try to finish the task in just 5000. That requires a creative approach. You are low on time…try to manage time on a day to day basis…till you ,master time management. This opens your brain to let you come up with innovative solutions to every problem you see.

Play Outside Your Comfort Zone…

The second rule is an extension of the first one. While the first one says put limits FOR  yourself…the second rule says, never put limits ON yourself. Always try new things and experiences. If you can’t drive a car, learn to drive one. If you are bad at public speaking… go onstage on a open mic night.

Sure it takes a lot of guts and courage to actually do this. But if you really want to improve your creativity, you need to be spontaneous and always play outside your comfort zone. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the world famous actor, was basically a body builder with little skill to survive in the acting world. But, when the director asked him if he can ride a horse for the movie “Conan The Barbarian”, he lied “Yes!”.

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Voila…Arnold nailed the horse riding scene…

Just like Arnold…be outside the comfort zone.

Get Bored…

The third way is a rather risky one; to be attempted by people who are already doing well in their life. First two strategies work well when you are already an active creator. The next one works for people who already have settled in their jobs

Get bored out of your mind!!! That’s the third advice…

Bored minds get rewired

When finding difficult to think creatively…just get bored and new dots will get connected in your brain. The brain tends to relax and get rewired when relaxed. Do that…and you will see problems with a different perspective.

Get A Life Coach…

And lastly, have a critical person to throw your ideas over. A person whose opinion you trust and will tell you the things wrong with your ideas. Whenever I come up with an idea I call up my brother and tell him my thoughts….almost every time the response goes like…“Yeah….there is a problem in…..”

He sees my problem in a different light…a more critical and analytical way. Go to someone who you trust…be it a parent, a family member or a life coach!!!

So stop being lazy…get your thinking caps on and take these approaches while solving any problem. Be it a mundane household problem or a unique innovative one…. every task, when seen with a creative approach is solved in a better and simpler manner.

And that is what the world need…simple and creative solutions!!!