To Meet Or Not To Meet; A Modern Day Office Dilemma!

Corporate life is all about meetings these days. Meetings to discuss targets, meetings to discuss performance, meetings to discuss behavior…

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings…

The problem however is that most of these meetings are nothing more than a waste of time. There are times when gathering up to discuss business is necessary. But most of the time, meetings add no value to the overall operation of the company. Rather, they take up a lot of precious time form our hand.

If your meetings are without an agenda then you need to change your direction. I have identified some red flags in the corporate culture, telling whether a meeting is effective or not. Here’s when a CEO should call a meeting;

When A Meeting Is A Must…

First and foremost, a weekly meeting might be a tradition in the corporate culture, but in my opinion its a rather unnecessary one. The meeting must have an agenda. A purpose, with which you want to address your employees. If it is simply about gathering weekly information, it can be done via emails also.

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If your industry is a rather innovative and fast moving one, like a technology company, then weekly meetings can be useful. This is because everyday something new and revolutionary happens in the field. In such companies even the projects are fast paced. So, its a must for the mangers to stay updated, and also to update the employees.

Sometimes Meeting Can Be Productive!

In times of crisis for a company, when the stakes are high and losses can’t be tolerated, keeping one’s team together, and updated is a must. At times like this, when even the employee is rattled because of the company’s crisis, meetings instills a feeling of camaraderie amongst the employees.

Meetings Waste Time…

But these situations are rare. Most of the times meetings end up wasting everyone’s time. It takes hours of your teams’ time, and usually has no returns.

Also, it’s not important for everyone to be there. Obviously, a meeting holds some relevance for some of the employees. Other than these people, others usually nod off in midst of the meeting. As a CEO it is your job to identify those who need to be in the meeting, rather than drag the entire team.

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People Nodding Off In Meetings

Timings should be kept in mind. I myself have sat in meetings which are supposed to start at 9 am, but end up starting at 11. This leads to two hours of my life wasted. Also sometimes the meetings get extended so long, that it loses its effectiveness. Time should be the most valued currency for any company.

How To Make It Better…

In general, meetings should be well managed and only take place when required. What company’s can do is conduct an internal interviews, capturing every employee’s perception of these meetings. This can definitely help in improving the quality and effectiveness of these meetings.