Its All About Mindset; The Three Pillars Of Happiness!

There is a lot of literature out there about the benefits of positive thinking. How your thoughts affect you and drive you to success. How you are what you think. This article I found online forced me to think about this issue.

There is nothing new that can be said about having a positive mindset that hasn’t already been said. Be it the benefits or the importance.

What I can talk about it, how difficult it is to have that mindset, because apparently no one ever discusses that. In an ever competitive world, where dreams get crushed and demotivation is hiding at every nook and corner, how do you keep your mind ” positive”.

World Low On Happiness?

People quote so many success stories…I myself write these blogs, blatantly giving out life stories of successful entrepreneurs. Treating failure without the respect it deserves.

So before you go any further, in life and in this article…let me tell you one important fact of life. A fact I have come to accept;

Only your successful moments amount to anything in life. They define you to the world…but your failures define you as a person!

Self help books talk about having a positive attitude towards life. Smile and the world will smile back. That’s a fairy tail, in my humble opinion. A huge part of our professional population is under depression…. the numbers are staggering .

The 20 somethings working class of today are severely depressed. Why don’t we talk about it?

And the inference that the cost of a successful professional life is mental health, is definitely concerning. How can these young 20 something working class save themselves?

I have heard very unrealistic answers to this….

Get up early and breath morning air

Do yoga and drink water

ONLY watch good movies 

( A family friend gave me these advice when I myself suffered from depression)

I simply bobbed my head, not even listening half of the stuff he said. It took a huge personal life changing moment to get out of depression. It saved me.

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Pursuit To Happiness, A Tough Journey…

So, when they say have a positive outlook towards life, I ask these self help Gurus….


How do you just get positive?

How does waking up in the morning help me with my depression?

They usually had some ready made answer for these questions of mine….so I stopped asking.

I will tell you what most big entrepreneurs had, that they survived mind shattering negativity in their life. A highly trusty support system. Be it their families, their friends, their mentors….. some one or the other was their at all times to help them survive.

I read the story of the company named Toyota the other day. During the World War 2 japan was in turmoil, and at that time every Japanese company was in huge debt. At a moment like this….literally in midst of a war, it would have been very easy for the founder to quit. But he had three things in his life. Three things which forced him to to keep on going.

I call them the Three Pillars Of Happiness;

  • A solid support system. The father of the founder was always supporting and guiding him. Other than that the employees were also so devoted to the company that the founder had their full support.


  • Responsibility. The founder had a hundreds of jobs to protect. If he had just given up, not only would he have lost his source of income, but also he would have paralyzed the households of so many employees. Ergo, become someone else’s support system.


  • And lastly, the most important thing in his life was a dream to pursue... a legacy to protect. His dream was to make the best automobiles in Japan…and a war was a small impediment in the path to success.
The three pillars can cause happiness…

Happiness Has No Cost…

I learnt it the hard way, during the recent low years of my life… that a self help book, or colorfully written “Happiness mantras” only look good in writing.

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To be happy and professionally satisfied, you need the aforementioned three things only. A friend to talk to, someone to be responsible for and a dream to pursue. Only these three things….they don’t cost anything and are abundantly available.

It out there…waiting for you!

I believe the tone of my blog has shifted from despondence to hopeful….because that is the belief I espouse.

Happiness comes when you actually want to be happy. 

Any problem in life can lead to unhappiness. It is not easy to stay forever content in life. But using the  aforementioned theory  of three, you can make your problems bearable.

You get in trouble, you talk to your friend about it, and the likeliness of a solution coming up naturally increases. You have the responsibility of a family or yourself, it prevents you from giving up. And the dream of yours…your love for it needs to be so powerful, so insanely out of this world…that no amount of obstacles can stop you from fulfilling it.

Maybe now i myself am getting too preachy so I believe its time for me to conclude my piece.

In The End, It All Depends Upon You…

Getting a positive and constructive mindset depends entirely on you. You can feel happy only when you want to.


It is difficult…wanting to feel happy is in these days one of the most difficult tasks….but its your responsibility towards yourself and your three pillars that you life every moment to the fullest. Personally, it took a trip to Mumbai this February to make me realize my life’s purpose.

And because in writings like this a philosophical quotation is usually expected;

“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it”.- Steve Maraboli

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