Dear Mom I Will Find A job; How Uber CEO Resigning Makes My Mother Worried!

The day began like any other. And as I perused through the Internet, I came upon an article;

“Travis Kalanick Resigns As Uber CEO”

My mother, an army wife and vocal supporter of Government Jobs just got ammunition. Though she supports my MBA, she blatantly opposes the corporate culture. And a CEO getting fired gave her leverage. She sat next to me and said…

“Even CEOs aren’t safe son! I told you, you should have tried to get a government job” She said.

Usually I have a reply to her anti- private sector rants…. today even I was speechless. Because today mommy is right. If a CEO can get fired, who the hell am I to keep a job. Deciding to write something about this issue, I researched. And after an hour of it, I came out fairly despondent. Robots are taking our job, AI is taking our job, people getting fired and Trump won’t let me in USA. How will I get a job!!!

Why Do CEOs Leave Jobs?…

I was about to accept defeat for a moment. Nightmare scenarios of unemployment running in my head. Then I came upon a case study. It was an in depth study of why CEOs leave their positions. Why would the chief supreme of any global business empire just decide to leave his super comfortable (though at times stressful) job?

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Uber’s CEO resigns

The research took place for numerous CEOs from 1991 to 2009. And the results are motivating. First only in rare cases are CEOs fired by their stakeholders. The dilemma faced by Kalanick today, and years ago by Steve Jobs are both very rare situation. 

Why most CEOs resign is because, they simply find another jobs through their connections. According to the study the more a person is connected, the higher are the chances of them jumping ship at times of trouble. Today you have LinkdIn which helps you create a wide professional circle.

Should You Jump Ship Once It Is Sinking?…

And was the ship sinking. Uber was facing heat since the last many months. 2017 has been the worst year for Uber. January saw #deleteUber campaign, followed by a sexual harassment allegation. All this ended with the CEO resigning. Uber is heading towards turmoil and the CEO did what he should to save himself. Jump ship!

No one knows what the results of the CEO leaving would be. Neither Uber nor Mr. Kalanick himself. In the days to come we will hear more developments about this.

Chill Mom…

I think I have answered my mom’s concerns. But I should spell it out I guess.

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Its a tough world in the corporate sector. No one is exactly safe. No matter how well established the business is, empires do fall. And there always the chance of you waking up to find yourself jobless. But with this risk come the opportunity to keep on making the best out of every situation. If my job doesn’t suit me I don’t have to keep tolerating it. If I work for a shady company. I have the opportunity to find a new job.

Mark Zuckerberg degree
When I feel low, I give mom the example of Mark!! What if he sat in a government office…

I can invest in myself. In a culture where competition is everything one has the opportunity to never leave the path of knowledge. Today I’m learning computer language, tomorrow I will learn French. Every skill you learn makes you a better professional. A person who you can take pride in.

Corporate culture give you flexibility and openness to innovation. In an ever changing world, I believe that an openness to learn and improve is a must. With so many opportunities at your doorstep, the competitive corporate world makes my blood rush. Doing my MBA every day feels like a new challenge. And that is the way every day is supposed to feel!