Rise Of The Robots; How Safe Are Our Jobs?

Robots were considered science fiction a couple of decades ago. But with rise of robots and artificial intelligence, a “Terminator” like future seems to be taking shape all over the world. When Arnold Schwarzenegger predicts in Terminator that “Machines are going to take over” we never though he was talking robots taking over our jobs.

Recently, as I was surfing the internet for fun, I came upon this site named willrobotstakemyjob.com. Developed by  two technologists, Mubashar Iqba and Dimitar Raykov,  it tells you if your job is safe from robots in the future.

Truth is, a lot of jobs are in danger. Soon jobs like teacher, salesman and janitor will become extinct. If you don’t believe this, let me you a few examples to begin with;

Robocop Becomes A Reality…

Recently unveiled in Dubai, Robocop is the world’s first operational crime-fighting robot. Developed by the spanish firm PAL Robotics, it is a fully automated robot policeman standing tall at 1.7m and weighs 100 kg.

It will be used on public streets in the city.It is the first phase of the UAE’s plan to make one-quarter of its police force robotic by 2030.

robot cop
Dubai’s Robocop

One quarter of a Police force is a huge number!!!

The next robot in the house will blow your mind….

Robot Priest; Press Your Sins Away With BlessU2…

Developed by an evangelic church in Germany, BlessU2 was unveiled to to mark the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation – an upheaval in European Catholicism.

The intention of the robot priest was to initiate a debate, for considering an unconventional direction in the field of religion.

We wanted people to consider if it is possible to be blessed by a machine, or if a human being is needed.


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robot priest

Armed with a touch -screen chest, two arms and a head, the robot priest has been blessing people in multiple languages since the last few weeks. The robot raises its arms, flashes lights, recites a biblical verse and says: “God bless and protect you.”

Never though a machine can bless a human being…something very funny about the whole premise, made me dig deeper. And what do you know, there is a similar concept followed by a Buddhist temple in Beijing. A robot designed as a bald, saffron cloth wearing monk. Just like its German counterpart, the Buddhist robot named Xian’er, gives out blessings and advice about life and happiness.

robot priest 2
Buddhist Monk Robot

Robots Are Coming Everywhere…

It can clearly be seen that robots have invaded our professional space. Soon, every job will come under the “danger zone”. And they are coming to India also. Recently we saw the first food serving robot named BOB. It was developed by online community members of Kidobotikz and SP Robotics – a startup teching roboltics to school and college students.

BOB, the Indian Food-serving Robot

All these jobs are the ones which have always required human intervention. And with a machine working at higher efficiency than humans, so many jobs are lost.

I can keep yammering about all these roles robots are taking in our professional world,but it won’t make any difference. You can read all about it from multiple sources. What I am interested in, is the solution. How can one protect ones job, when the competitor is programmed to do everything better.

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Surviving Robots…

Its very weird how accurately sci-fi movies predicted our struggle with the machines. Only thing, its a struggle to get hired. Which might actually be the beginning of the conquests of the  mechanical overlords plan to take over the human race. But ,I digress.

First, futurists say that with consequent loss of jobs, new jobs will also be created. Just like in the case of computers. Sure, a lot of jobs were lost, but new computer centric jobs were also created. Same goes for the advent of robots into the professional sphere. New jobs requiring robot maintenance and manufacturing will obviously take shape. Colleges will teach robotics as an engineering course to create skill in robotics.

Secondly, and most importantly, we as a general public should be open up to the idea of robots. Professionally keep yourself so updated and skilled with the latest tech, that you can easily adopt any change in the professional scene. I an not going to go all optimist here. Obviously there will be loss of jobs. But, an openness to skill and technology can help you save yours in time.

These major job shifts have actually begun.This scenario isn’t in a distant future. There are going to be massive job cuts soon in IT sector, as it has already begun

Perhaps time will tell how much Artificial Intelligence changes our lives!