Former Engineer…Now Startup Owner; The Inspiring Ascend Of Wingify

Startup success requires a lot of things. Inspiration being the first thing. Ask Paras Chopra for instance…the founder of Wingify. Had it not been for a newspaper article in his school days ‘How To Start A Startup’, he might never have gotten that initial encouragement to go for a startup.

How It All Began…

An engineer from Punjab, Paras had a keen interest in computers since childhood. Hailing from a middle class family, he grew up watching his father sitting in front of a computer. Curious by nature, he gave it a try… and he was hooked. At the age of 13 years, when other kids were playing computer games, Paras started learning programming. By the time his school ended, he had already attained a mastery in the field. Keeping computers as a side project, he took up Biotechnology for his engineering.

Wingify paras chopra
Startup Owner Paras Chopra

With a will to start his own business, he got into entrepreneurship at an early stage. By the time he got out of college…he had already seen failure in a couple of startups.And with these failures came the learning…. The learning that he ultimately implemented in Wingify. He got a keen understanding of what works and doesn’t work in a business model.

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Ambition And Hard Work…

Paras graduated in 2008, he started his career as a Biotech engineer. But his passion for computers and programming never faded. So even while doing his job, in another field, he kept on looking for new business ideas. And finally he got it. An idea which changed the course of his life.

He wanted to create a project which was an amalgam of analytics, technology and marketing. For this he had to mount unknown territories of marketing and analytics. He took out time to study and understand the core concepts. His goal was to create an online platform for Google Analytics, which helped the user improve and optimize their website. After months of hard work, he finally had it….in 2010 Paras launched a very successful software named “Visual Website optimizer”.

His First Product…

The concept offered website tweaking and optimization. This was a radically new concept to have grabbed the attention of big companies. Because in 2010, most of the companies had just started understanding the importance of digital marketing. Paras’ product hence, became an absolute hit , within a few months. the parent company “Wingify” became the top analytics software provider all over the world.

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After witnessing the immense success that was Wingify, Paras left his job to focus entirely on his startup. And so it began..the rise of an previously unknown company. Wingify attained great heights very soon, with its turnover crossing crores by 2011.

Then And Now…

Today the company has a turnover of more than $10 million40 employees under him, serving more than 7500 customers. Customers which include the likes of Microsoft, Cleartrip, Groupon, Airbnb, Disney…and many more. And all this started with an ambitious young boy, with a little saving but a huge appetite for success.

Wingify team
Paras with his team

Paras could have given up anytime during his career…during college when he failed, during his job…but he had a dream.

And He Nailed It!!

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