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about startupscribble.com

StartupScribble tells your startup stories to common people and especially the upcoming startup enthusiasts to inspire and build their dreams.

StartupScribble is an initiative to help young Entrepreneurs especially in not so open environment where there’s lack of initial help, support, and apt advice. This platform gives the closer look of other Entrepreneur’s life and how they started.It also helps them to learn ways to be on their own.

StartupScribble motivates them to participate in various events and competitions which can help them expand their thinking and can think in more wider and expanded dimensions.

Our Reach

We are a unit of more than 5300+ Facebook fans, 1500+ Subscribers, 260+ Twitteratis, 150+ Instagrammers and list goes on and on. We also have a great presence in the startup world.We have been a brand partner in some of the coolest hackathons and have conducted a lot more.We have a strong presence in Entrepreneurs and you must have seen us in various hackathons, startup events, Summit and tons of other events.

Some of the Brands we have worked with

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